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Watch the award-winning dark comedy "Mr. Lee", now on Blu-Ray! Now with over 20 minutes of deleted content and a brand-new commentary with writer/director team Lolo Loren & Patrick Poe.


Mr. Lee is a hilariously dark award-winning comedy from filmmaker duo Lolo Loren and Patrick Poe. Ryan Foster (Poe) leads a group of starving filmmakers who decide they’ve had enough - they’re going to get their big break, even if they have to break it themselves. They set off on a well-intentioned adventure that quickly escalates out of control. Lines are crossed, hostages are taken . But there’s just nothing like a captive audience. A fresh and riotous comedy with a dark and shocking twist, Mr. Lee is a movie you will watch again and again.



MR. LEE on Blu-Ray

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Blu-Ray Features Include:


    Feature Film: 1 hr 37 min

    Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Team Lolo Loren & Patrick Poe

    Over 20 Minutes of Deleted Scenes

    Trailer for the Movie within the Movie: "Angelic Requiem"

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