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Lolo Loren

is an award-winning director, writer, producer, cinematographer and editor best known for her work in narrative comedy filmmaking. 


Recent Work

MIki P | Your Love Music Video | 2022

Vegan Apocalypse | 2022

The apocalypse has finally come - and it's made getting a good meal really hard.

WINNER - Tallgrass Film Festival, 2022

Jury Statement: Vegan Apocalypse: Absurd in the best way possible, this surreal satire of our current culture uses every filmmaking tool at their disposal to craft a clear, compelling world. This comedic take is worth a re-watch, even if it hits a little too close to the bone.

Watch on Film Freeway: 

Password: EatVegan

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Almost Sorta Maybe
Feature Film | 2022

Reeling from a bad breakup and dealing with her overbearing mother and feelings of inadequacy from her younger sister’s “perfect” life, a 29-year-old office worker finds herself torn between settling for a job she hates or chasing her dreams.

WINNER - "Best Heartland Narrative"

Kansas City Film Festival
WINNER - "Programmer's Choice Award"

Doc Sunback Film Festival
WINNER - "Best Local Film"

First City Film Festival
WINNER - "Best Supporting Actor" Patrick Poe First City Film Festival
NOMINEE - "Best Director" Patrick Poe & Lolo Loren

First City Film Festival
NOMINEE - "Best Local Actress" Lindsay Weaver

First City Film Festival


Lost and Alone | Narrative Short | 2023

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