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"Mr. Lee" follows a group of young struggling filmmakers. Frustrated with the rejection their films have faced, and convinced that if they could just get the right person to watch it success would follow quickly, the group sets off on a well-intentioned adventure that quickly escalates out of control. Comedy, and ultimately tragedy, ensue. Much is gained, but much is lost as well, leaving you ultimately to wonder whether or not it was worth it at all.

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“Intermission” follows Jana Shuregate, a woman from backwoods Osawata County who escaped her humble upbringing to become an acclaimed Broadway director. But now she's back in her hometown, where she finds herself directing the local playwrights’ festival at the Osawata County Theatre Actors Community Theatre.
A crazy and opinionated local playwright, a theatre board determined to censor, a handful of talentless, identity-confused actors, a bitchy costumer, a thirteen-year-old pyromaniac, and no set or budget to speak of – what could possibly go wrong?

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There's something not quite right about Tommy's little brother Tyler, but no one else seems to see it. When Tommy's parents leave him and his brother alone with a babysitter for the weekend, Tommy must call on the help of his best friend Sam to thwart the evil lurking in his house and save the world.

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After his High School sweetheart dumps him, Matt Fitzgerald struggles to find where he fits in and who he is - a journey that he proceeds on in the most awkward ways possible.

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Premiering at the KC Film Fest April 8th 2017, This un-abridged fresh take on William Shakespeare's riotous comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is the truest adaption to Shakespeare's original text yet to see the screen. A tale of wonder, magic, love, and mayhem. Fairies, actors, lovers, a donkey, and a love potion - put all these in the woods at night, and hilarity ensues.

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The Way it Goes is a feel-good comedy that follows Liz, our almost-30, panicking protagonist. 
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